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UPM´s Virtual Labs Service

UPM offers the 3d Labs service which is a platform that allows students to carry out laboratory practices virtually, that is, from anywhere with internet access. Virtual labs or actual classroom practices emulate several purposes:

The student or user, through his avatar (your character in the virtual world) can do internships within the space created for this purpose. Upon entering the Grid, the avatar is a central welcome, consisting of central buildings and a virtual meeting point as well as a region or island for each project, where, besides laboratories which perform the virtual practice, the avatar can evolve and interact with other users in virtual meeting rooms, video rooms and recreational areas.

The platform is built on open source software OpenSim. The laboratories have been housed in the local center servers while a common system, GridLabUPM, the links and manages technically integrated manner. The architecture is therefore decentralized.

The GATE service is entrusted with the technical management of the platform, support and counseling, support for projects by fellow staff and other actions to promote this service.

Some laboratories have labels indicating:

Open Labs

Some labs are accessible not only for UPM students but for anyone who wants to work with them. We call them "Open Laboratories ".

You can access these laboratories and make practical proposals whenever the schedule allows the subject.

About us

UPM´s 3D Virtual Labs Service is offered through the Office of Tele-Education of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Contact us for details.

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