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About us

UPM´s Virtual Labs team

Who we are?

The work team of the UPM´s Virtual Labs service is formed by staff of Gabinete de Tele-Educación of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. This team is made up of a technical coordinator and three programmers highly specialized with a 3D designer/modeler.

Our skills

The so specific features of these laboratories, make that it development requires a very high knowledge of the platform which runs it (OpenSim) and its parent language (LSL). To create objects, other 3D design software such as 3D Studio Max are handled. Besides these laboratories and to enrich and integrate with other environments, the team handles a variety of technologies such as Labview, MatLab, HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX, Javascript, C#, etc.


Arturo Formariz Pombo

Arturo Formariz PomboTechnical coordinator

Engineer in Computer Systems and Software Engineering Graduate.

Coordinates the Virtual Laboratories Projet since January 2016. It is also responsible of integration of external applications (usually web) with OpenSim.

Diego Dotor Jara

Diego Dotor JaraTechnical programmer

Degree in Computer Engineering.
Coursing Masters in Design and Playstation Game Development.

Expert in Unity. Develops the all the functionality of the project "Virtual Tour of UPM".

Daniel Fernandez Avilés

Daniel Fernandez AvilésTechnical programmer

PhD in Software, Systems and Computing.

LSL and C# programmer in OpenSim. His main function is to implement and adapt different teaching practices to a 3D environment. Also working on the development of a tutor trying to add some artificial intelligence to the laboratories.

José C. Salazar Calderón

José C. Salazar CalderónTechnical programmer

Electronics Advanced Technician, web and multiplatform developer.

His full profile, allows him, on the one hand, as a graphic designer, design and model the visual appearance of 3D objects and environments. And also program in LSL JS and PHP. It is a Unity enthusiast.

Alberto Sánchez Ruperez

Alberto Sánchez RupérezTechnical programmer

Degree in Telecommunications Systems.
Coursing Master in Eng. Telecommunications

Unity content creator. It is responsible for designing and programming obejots for virtual practices.

Alberto Carrasco

Alberto Carrasco CarrascoTechnical programmer

Degree in Electronic Communications Engineering

He is part of the Unity laboratories development team. Also collaborates in the integration of simulation programs such as Labview, Simulink or Matlab with virtual laboratories.

José Antonio de Ramos

José Antonio de Ramos ArahuetesTechnical programmer

Degree in Information Systems.
Master in Design and Playstation Game Development.

Designer and programmer in Unity. 3D object modeler.

Oriol Borrás Gene

Oriol Borrás GeneTechnical advisor

Telecommunications engineer and PhD in Engineering Systems and Services for the Information Society.

E-learning technical in eduTIC GATE section, but actively collaborates with the Virtual Labs project as an expert in gamification and social networks.

Oscar Calvo

Oscar CalvoTechnical advisor

Computer Engineer. Master in Computer Science and Technology, Artificial Intelligence.

Expert on the OpenSim environment, has collaborated in the project multiple times.



About us

UPM´s 3D Virtual Labs Service is offered through the Office of Tele-Education of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Contact us for details.

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Gabinete de Tele-Educación.
(Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).
Rectorado A.
Avenida Ramiro Maeztu 7. 1ª planta.
28040 Madrid
Phone number
91 336 46 79 (extensión 70023)
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